Here the list of articles I've written and published along with translations of some of them:


February 11

Конвертация MIDI-времени в такты и доли

January 5

How to create a .NET library: a complete guide (translated from Russian by PVS-Studio)


October 2

Создание .NET библиотеки от А до Я

March 6

Таймер в .NET с интервалом 1 мс. macOS

February 6

Таймер в .NET с интервалом 1 мс. Windows


August 1

Введение в CoreMIDI

July 2

Creating a NuGet package for a library with platform-specific API (translated from Russian with help of Viktor Fedotov)

June 24

Создание пакета NuGet для библиотеки с платформозависимым API